About The Artist

Edward Brooks is a sculptor, painter, and photographer whose work spans a long career and encompasses many media and influences. His most recent sculptures embrace the shapes and shadows that are conducive to inner contemplation and celebrate the joys of life. His paintings draw from diverse influences: abstract expressionism, Asian calligraphy, collage, and nature. His mixed media works incorporate acrylic, Sumi ink, graphite and charcoal. His bold use of color and brushwork creates works that range from energetic and joyful celebration to Zen restraint and serenity.

His photography of the California coast and mountains apotheosizes the forces of earth, wind, fire, and water as expressed in wind shaped trees and water sculpted rocks against a backdrop of cloud embellished skies.

Edward Brooks trained as a sculptor and believing in the Renaissance concept: worked as a leather craftsman, musician, actor, finish carpenter, and construction estimator while completing his journey as painter and sculptor. He studied at the Museum College in Philadelphia; the Art Student League in New York City; and the Tyler School of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

His work has been collected through out the United States and Paris, France. He has shown his photographs and small abstractions at the Spectrum Photography Co-op in Fresno; Mendocino Art Center; Fairfield Visual Arts Association; Consortium for the Arts in Walnut Creek; and Arts Benecia. About his own work Edward says, “The themes are mainly about the intertwining rhythms and the joy of life’s experiences.”

Current Studio Practice
1999-Present: Photography, Paintings (Abstract Expressionist), Sculpture (Modernist), Photography (Landscape–Black & White)

Mid Career
1972-Present: (Construction Trade) Union Finish Carpenter/Installer, Contractor, Estimator

Early Career
1969-1972: Leather Manufacturing Business

1963-1969: Los Angeles, CA–Private Studio Practice (Picture Framer, Professional Musician and Actor (improvisational comedy))

1960-1962: Tyler School of Fine Arts–On Scholarship, Majored in Sculpture–Philadelphia

1958-1959: Studied at the Arts Student League–N.Y.C.

1956-1958: Museum College of Art, Philadelphia, PA